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Best Under Eye Concealer

May 5, 2017

Recently I browsed through the hundreds of under eye concealers Sephora has to offer and read all about the color wheel to try and find a better way to cover up my dark under eye circles. I read reviews about effectiveness, how long they lasted and how cakey they dried. My research led me to purchase three different brands in order to try them all out and compare them. According to the color wheel I need a pink concealer for my medium skin tone with bluish purple under eye circles, and after trying out three different brands the best one I found is Amazing Concealer Corrector. It (as the name implies) has amazing coverage, dries very creamy and doesn’t crack in the creases. Although pink is supposed to be the best cover up for the purplish/blue color under my eyes, I actually use more of the yellow side on the darker parts  and blend it with the pink closer to my cheeks. I don’t put any other concealer or base on and use the Beauty Blender to blend it toward my cheeks, nose and eyelids. I set the concealer with Laura Mercier’s translucent powder before doing anything else. Then to finish my eye makeup I use Sephora’s colorful eyeliner and shadow to line my upper eyelid and apply Tarte mascara. Side note: I love this eyeliner because it is so easy to use and they have so many colors (I bought around 6 of them but I use this pink color the most.) For daytime I really like to use light eyeliners and shadows which is a look inspired by Blake Lively