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Bomb Shell

April 23, 2017

I wanted to share two (completely unrelated) of my favorite things: my lip color and my new phone case.

I don’t wear lipstick to work because it just comes off or smears when I put on a face mask, instead I focus on my eyes when I’m doing my makeup. On my days off however, I like to switch it around and do a very natural eye with a colored lip. My friend Veronica can make any lipstick look good but I don’t feel like I possess this talent. It takes me a while to find a color that makes me feel just right. Obviously my lipstick color choices are inspired by Veronica, so based off of her recommendations I tried Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick. I absolutely love this lipstick. It smells so good, you don’t have to put a lot on and it dries matte. Of the three colors I’ve tested Trendsetter and Bombshell are my favorite. Trendsetter is a bit darker and better for Fall and Bombshell is the perfect nude shade for Spring and Summer. I really love putting it on.

I didn’t need a new phone case (and I was really happy with the one I had) but my mischevious daughter scratched my Kate Spade one up real bad so I had to find a new one fast. I really love Kate Spade iPhone cases, but when I didn’t find any I loved more than my scratched one on their website I went to my best friend Amazon for plan B. That is when I found this super cool Rebecca Minkoff one with a marble print for $17 (now that I looked for it to add the link it’s at $27 🙄 still reasonable but not as exciting, sorry!) It was even Prime! I obviously did not take more than 5 seconds to put it in my cart and complete my purchase! In the picture the IPhone shown is the pink one which adds to its appeal. I also have the pink one but to be honest I couldn’t even remember if I did or not and I simply didn’t care I liked the case so much I bought it regardless. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and it is by far my favorite phone case I’ve ever had!

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