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Instafashion Round Up

November 7, 2017

I was inspired to start this blog by all the wonderful women who have fashion and fitness blogs. They are great at what they do. It’s their full time job, and they get paid to do something that I like to do for free which is browse the latest fashion, fitness and diet trends and apply them to my own life and style. Then, they get to talk about it. I love talking about fashion and fitness and food. I don’t see the point in doing something now that so many others do so well, unless I had something unique to contribute. So what am I doing? Instead of being the 1 millionth person to share a cozy cardigan for winter I wanted to be the first to summarize and help you apply the current trends in your own world.  Here are some applicable trends I am seeing on all my favorite instabloggers (yes I made that word up)

1: Oversized sweaters:  Even when a top isn’t meant to be big bloggers will “size up” so that the top falls off of one shoulder and looks cozy and sexy. I’ve been catching a lot of cute lacey bralettes peeking through underneath the oversized top. Also, they sometimes tuck some or all of the top in so that they don’t look so frumpy. The front tuck has really helped me out a few times. If you’re on a budget you can find a cute oversized top anywhere from Forever 21, Marshalls or Nordstrom.

2: T-shirt with a knot: A white v-neck shirt is so versatile and comfortable but sometimes can make you feel un-cute. By tying a knot you create a more fitted look therefore adding a flattering silhouette. I totally started doing this with tank tops and t-shirts that I had gotten tired of and voila, I love them again. I like having v-neck shirts in different sizes so that I can style them differently.

3: High wasted jeans: Gone are the days where you have to worry about love handles peaking through the top of your jeans (aka muffin top) thanks to the wonderful human who decided that high waisted pants were cool again. Thank you human, I owe you a latte. My tip for buying jeans is don’t get stuck on one style or cut.

4. Over the knee boots: This style was slightly out last year and is making a strong come back. Tbh I don’t have time to be putting these on, and it doesn’t get cold enough in Houston for me to justify the effort. They do look very cute though. I saw a blogger got a pair at Target which she claims are the best Stuart Weitzman dupes she has found. I haven’t seen them in person, so I can’t back her up. Also, although I think Target does a great job in the budget fashion world, I have a problem with cheap shoes. They honestly ruin an outfit for me because of how they feel (there, I said it, it’s on the interweb and will never be erased.)

5. The fitted jogger: I have been trying to get this look so hard and it just never feels quite right. Whenever I see someone nailing this look the pants are always over $70 and I just have trouble spending that much on pants whose sole purpose is to be casual and comfortable.


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