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Slip into Slides

April 9, 2017

I had my eye on a pair of slides for a long time, but they were sold out in my size! I was tired of waiting for them to come back into stock so I did what I do with every purchase in my life, I looked them up on Amazon. You will not believe me when I tell you that not only did I find the same exact pair, but they were almost half the price! Also, with Amazon prime I didn’t have to pay shipping or wait weeks for their arrival! I was beyond excited and the cherry on top was that while searching for those I found these beauties for under $30!!! Aren’t they gorgeous? And they’re so comfortable and light for the super hot Houston summer! The color matches with everything and I find myself pulling out outfits I was tired of and reinventing them with my new slides!!

note: the shoes are now $29 for black and $35 for other colors, one problemo one might find with Amazon